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The London School of English (LSE) is the longest-established officially accredited school in Britain. Since its establishment in 1912, LSE in the UK has become one of the most prominent providers of English language training and has gained unparalleled experience ....


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Types of Courses

Level Description

For learners with NO understanding of English at all, including incomplete knowledge of the Roman (English) alphabet. Learners who fall into this bracket need to enrol onto our Adult English Literacy (AEL) course, which teaches you the basic English reading, writing and speaking skills you will need to enrol onto a Level 1 General English program.

Level Description

For learners with no or very little prior knowledge of English. Typically, you may know only the Roman (English) alphabet and a few basic words or phrases. However, you probably cannot communicate in English beyond a few basic phrases such as ‘Good morning’, ‘how are you’ and ‘thank you’


CEFR Level Equivalent: A1 
IELTS Level Equivalent: 1.0 – 2.0

Level Description

For learners with limited knowledge of English. You should be able to ask and answer simple questions about yourself, know a range of basic English vocabulary, and meet and greet people in everyday situations. However, you probably cannot communicate effectively in English outside very familiar situations.


CEFR Level Equivalent: A1 – A2 
IELTS Level Equivalent: 2.0 – 3.5

Level Description

For learners with a basic communicative command of English. You should be able to conduct a simple conversation about a range of familiar topics, and understand basic grammar such as using past and future tenses. However, you probably struggle with any new situation or with discussing a topic you aren’t familiar with.


CEFR Level Equivalent: A2 – B1 
IELTS Level Equivalent: 3.0 – 4.5

Level Description

For learners who are able to communicate in English and make themselves understood with relative ease in most familiar situations. You probably have a reasonable range of grammatical knowledge and a fairly wide vocabulary covering your basic everyday needs. You may struggle, however, with making yourself understood in some unfamiliar situations.


CEFR Level Equivalent: B1 – B2 
IELTS Level Equivalent: 4.5 – 6.0

Level Description

For learners who are able to communicate effectively in most situations. You probably have quite a wide range of vocabulary and speak English with some ease and fluency on a daily basis. However, you may still find there are concepts you are unable to express, common mistakes you still make, and new situations where you lack the vocabulary to communicate effectively.


CEFR Level Equivalent: B2 – C1 
IELTS Level Equivalent: 6.0 – 7.5

Level Description

For learners who have a high level of communicative ability in all areas of English. You probably use English as your language of everyday communication and speak it naturally and without undue effort. You can probably communicate and make yourself understood in any situation; however, you may need to improve your accuracy in certain key areas, expand your vocabulary, or develop more native-like pronunciation or idiomatic speech.


CEFR Level Equivalent: C1 + 
IELTS Level Equivalent: 7.0 +


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